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About Saving Graves

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Saving Graves, the world's leading website dedicated to the protection, restoration, and preservation of endangered cemeteries worldwide, is a completely free-access online resource that provides to its visitors a wide assortment of preservation information and records.  It's primary goal is to promote and emphasize the use of the Internet as a means to provide protection of human burial sites from unauthorized and unwarranted disturbance, by man or nature. The offices of Saving Graves are located at:

Saving Graves
880 Main St
Boswell, PA  15531


The Saving Graves website debuted on the Internet in March of 2000, as a result of a posting to a newsgroup that mentioned new website, Save Our Old Cemeteries, that was a part of a family history website. The subject of endangered cemeteries being something that Bill Spurlock had long been interested in and he offered to take over the management of the website. He had found several websites that focused on cemetery preservation however a search of the Internet found that there was no single website that attempted to gather all state and national resources. Saving Graves was created to geographically organize all these resources.  In November 2005, Bill decided to step down as the owner of Saving Graves and turned the operation over to Steve Stymiest of Rock Hill, South Carolina.  Steve wasthe state coordinator for South Carolina, North Carolina and South Dakota and the U. S. Coordinator for Saving Graves.  Steve passed away in November 2006.  Nathan Zipfel stepped in to rebuild the project in early 2007 after the original website went off-line and has been maintaining it since.


For information about partnering with Saving Graves, please Contact Us.

Awards and Recognition

Most people and organizations who grant awards require you to submit your site for recognition.  We do not personally practice in nominating one's own site for awards. Thus you won't find a lot of awards here.  Those who have presented us with any kind of award or special recognition have done so purely upon their own action, or through outside nomination.  


Without the support of visitors, we could not continue to bring you all of Saving Grave's resources -- including our Endangered Cemetery Listing program -- free of charge. It you feel that the service that Saving Graves provides is worthwhile, please consider showing your support by donating to Saving Graves

Linking to this site

Saving Graves maintains a "Open Link" policy. Under this policy, you may feel free to directly link into this site at any point or page. You don't need  permission, but we would appreciate a short email just to let us know.   Use one of the provided images, or just copy and paste the following HTML text into your page:

<A HREF = "" >Saving Graves</A>

Feel free to use our description:

"A collaborative effort of cemetery preservation advocates working to increase public awareness and activism in preserving, protecting and restoring endangered and forgotten cemeteries worldwide."

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