Warren Cemetery
Shokan, Olive, Ulster County, NY

Cemetery:       Warren
Other:          Possible Lee Cemetery Ashokan removals
Sign:           No
Street:         Between 155 and 167 Dubois Rd
City:           Shokan
Township:       Olive
County:         Ulster County
State:          NY
Nation:         US
Zip:            12481
lat_ns:         N
long_ew:        W
Status:         Abandoned
Size:           Small
Directions:     Go 10 miles West on Rt 28 from the Kingston NY Thruway exit.
There will be a sign for "Woodstock Percussion" on the right and a sign
indicating Dubois Rd.  Go right on Dubois Rd.  Travel about a half mile
Northbound.  The cemetery will be on the left, in the woods, and cannot be
seen from the Rd.
Type:           Road-public
Location:       Rural
Terrain:        Level
Watersource:    No
Features:       Many trees and rocks.  The only Limestone head with
inscription has a tree growing overtop of it and they lean against each
Property:       Private
Access:         Inaccessible
Enclosure:      Natural
Gate:           None
Established:    Approximately 1909.  I believe these are Warren family
removals from the Lee cemetery in West Hurley from the Ashokan Reservoir
Gravestones:    20-25.  Mostly field stone markers.
Oldest:         I do not know the date of the first interment at Lee
cemetery, but the only stone at the Warren cemetery that is marked, earliest
date is May 28, 1860
Newest:         June 8, 1862
Removed:        Unknown
Relocated:      Yes
Repairs:        Unsure
Methods:        Adhesives
Restoration:    No
Association:    Unsure
Records:        Unsure
Inventory:      Unsure
Availability:   Board of Water Supply lists of burial removals, Ashokan
Reservoir, K.L. Hasbrouck
Landscaping:    Unsure
Paths:          Unsure
Trees:          Yes4
Crypts:         No
Fencing:        No
Brickwork:      No
Ironwork:       No
Sculpture:      No
Fountains:      No
Roads:          No
Buildings:      No
Cement:         No
Granite:        No
Marble:         No
Native:         No
Slate:          Yes
Others:         Yes
Wood:           No
Materials:      Yes
Architectural:  No
Angels:         No
Draperies:      No
Fraternal:      No
Hands:          No
Lambs:          No
Monograms:      No
Plants:         No
Photos:         No
Religious:      No
Scrollwork:     No
Urns:           No
Carvings:       Yes
Condition:      Cemetery neglected
Unmarked:       Unsure
Broken:         No
Toppled:        No
Disintegrating: No
Buried:         Unsure
Weather:        Unknown
Pollution:      Yes
Vandalized:     No
Report:         Yes
Overgrowth2:    Graves-Disturbing
Overgrowth3:    Gravestones-Disturbing
Overgrowth4:    Gravestones-Damaging
GroundCover:    Yes
Drainage:       Good
Problem1:       Encroachment
Problem2:       Apathy
Owner:          Business
Use:            Agricultural
Bordering:      Residential
Change:         Unknown
Reason:         Roads
Visited:        Unknown
Archeology:     No
Habitat:        Unknown
Contacted:      None.  Just  found the cemetery this past weekend




There two corner Limestones, one of which is still standing the other which
is broken and appears to be lying in the middle of the cemetery.  The
cemetery has 20 or so bluestone slate headstones.  I do not know if they are
just headstones or headstones and footstones.  The wood in which the
cemetery is located has some garbage and bottles lying about.  I found one
such bottle in the cemetery which I removed.  The cemetery was covered with
leaves and debris which I also did my best to remove.  The cemtery is
overgrown with trees and the only headstone with an inscription is being
leaned on by a large tree.  The stone reads "WILLIAM WARREN Feb 11, 1818
June 8, 1862 HIS WIFE ANN ELIZA May 28, 1820 Jan. 7, 1860"
I know that Ann Eliza was my ggg grandmother and either William or his
brother Joseph was my ggg grandfather.  Any help that can be given to save
this cemetery, and the Warren family right to visit and take care of it
would be greatly appreciated!


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Name:           Daniel Warren Myers
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Date:           July 4, 2004

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