Route 79 Cemetery
Lisle, Broome County

Cemetery:       Route 79 Cemetery
Other:          Burley  Cemetery
Sign:           No
Street:         Route 79 East and Clute hill road intersection
City:           3 miles west of village of Lisle ,New York
Township:       Town of Lisle
County:         Broome
State:          New York
Nation:         United States
Zip:            13797
lat_ns:         N
lat_h:          xxx
lat_mmss:       xxxx
long_ew:        W
long_h:         xxx
long_mmss:      xxxxx
Status:         Abandoned
Size:           Small
Directions:     South side of Route 79 East -- 30 yards west  of Clute Hill
Road intersection
Type:           Road-public
Location:       Rural
Terrain:        Hillside
Watersource:    No
Features:       Pine Trees  seperate the cemetery from State route 79
Property:       Private
Access:         Open
Enclosure:      None
Gate:           None
Established:    approximatley 1830
Gravestones:    10 or 12
Oldest:         may 1833
Newest:         1875
Removed:        No
Relocated:      No
Repairs:        No
Methods:        Other
Restoration:    No
Association:    No
Records:        No
Inventory:      No
Availability:   cemetery is in danger of being destroyed privately
Landscaping:    No
Paths:          No
Trees:          Yes6
Crypts:         No
Fencing:        No
Brickwork:      No
Ironwork:       No
Sculpture:      No
Fountains:      No
Roads:          No
Buildings:      No
Cement:         No
Granite:        Yes
Marble:         No
Native:         No
Slate:          Yes
Others:         Yes
Wood:           No
Materials:      No
Architectural:  No
Angels:         No
Draperies:      Yes
Fraternal:      No
Hands:          No
Lambs:          No
Monograms:      No
Plants:         No
Photos:         No
Religious:      No
Scrollwork:     Yes
Urns:           No
Carvings:       No
Condition:      Cemetery neglected
Unmarked:       Yes
Broken:         Yes
Toppled:        Yes
Disintegrating: No
Buried:         No
Weather:        No
Pollution:      No
Vandalized:     No
Report:         No
Overgrowth1:    Problem-Access
GroundCover:    Yes
Moss:           Yes
Drainage:       Good
Problem1:       Encroachment
Problem2:       Apathy
Owner:          Cemetery
Use:            Agricultural
Bordering:      Agricultural
Change:         Same
Reason:         Roads
Visited:        Rarely
Archeology:     No
Habitat:        Yes
Contacted:      anyone who will listen




I started cleaning this cemetery up.Private owner kicked me off and stated
he wants it forgotten about so he can have it destroyed.


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Name:           Dan  Cook
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Date:           9-11-04