Mt. Zion Cemetery
Ozark, Christian County, Missouri

Date: June 2, 2000

Cemetery Name: Mt. Zion Cemetery
City: Ozark
County: Christian
State: Missouri
Land Type: Private
Status: Abandoned
Number of graves: 15-20
Oldest grave: 1854
Records: Don't Know
Inventory: No
Owner: Elizabeth Breazeale

Cemetery about to be destroyed
Overgrown-ground cover
Broken Headstones
Buried Headstones
Disintegrating Headstones
Fallen Headstones
General Neglect



Was once a Family Cemetery. Ancestor J.J.C. Breazeale, Mo. Legislator and Civil War Veteran buried there, along with 3 wives and 3 other marked graves, there are others. I think may include slaves.

Other Problems

This Cemetery not protected by fence, cattle are allowed to roam over graves

Previous Contacts

Need information as to where to start. Cemetery is not on County Maps.

Current Status

My relative Elizabeth Breazeale has deed to cemetery has no financial means to protect or restore cemetery. I need direction as to what steps are necessary to protect. I believe developers and farmers will soon destroy these graves

Submitted by / Contact for additional Information:

name: Sharon E. Rogers
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.