Old Newburg Cemetery
St. Ansgar, Mitchell County, Iowa

Cemetery: Old Newburg Cemetery

Other: McKinley Cemetery

Sign: Yes

Street: Hwy 105 & Cedar River

City: St. Ansgar

Township: Newburg

County: Mitchell

State: Iowa

Nation: U.S.A.

Zip: 50461

Status: Abandoned

Size: Small

Directions: From St. Ansger follow Hwy 105 to the Cedar River. On the NE corner of the bridge follow the drive to the abandoned power station, travel NE up the hill for approximately 500 feet.

Type: Road-private

Location: Rural

Terrain: Hillside

Watersource: Yes

Features: Heavy Woods

Property: Private

Access: Permission-required

Enclosure: None

Gate: None

Established: Jan 5, 1858

Gravestones: 20 to 30

Oldest: Jan 5, 1858

Newest: Feb 25, 1900

Removed: Yes

Relocated: No

Repairs: Unsure

Methods: Adhesives

Restoration: Yes

Association: No

Records: Yes

Inventory: No

Availability: ftp://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/ia/mitchell/cemeteries/mckinley.txt

Landscaping: No

Paths: No

Trees: Yes4

Crypts: No

Fencing: No

Brickwork: No

Ironwork: No

Sculpture: No

Fountains: No

Roads: No

Buildings: No

Cement: Yes

Granite: Yes

Marble: Yes

Native: Yes

Slate: Yes

Others: Yes

Wood: No

Materials: Yes

Architectural: Yes

Angels: Yes

Draperies: No

Fraternal: No

Hands: No

Lambs: Yes

Monograms: No

Plants: Yes

Photos: No

Religious: Yes

Scrollwork: Yes

Urns: No

Carvings: No

Condition: Cemetery in danger of destruction

Unmarked: Yes

Broken: Yes

Toppled: Yes

Disintegrating: Yes

Buried: Yes

Weather: Yes

Pollution: Yes

Vandalized: Yes

Report: No

VA1: Gravestones-Overturned

VA2: Gravestones-Broken

VA3: Gravestones-Stolen


VA5: Graves-Desecrated





Overgrowth4: Gravestones-Damaging

GroundCover: Yes



Drainage: Problem-Seasonal


Problem2: Apathy

Owner: Cemetery

Use: Agricultural

Bordering: Woods

Change: Smaller

Reason: Agriculture

Visited: Rarely

Archeology: Unknown

Habitat: Yes

Contacted: Property Owners who are very helpful - Mitchell County - Newburg Township Trustees & Clerk.


Alexander, Beveridge, Eveleth, McKinley, Paterson, Williams


Preliminary reserarch and probing was started in the late fall of 2002. Work on restoring this site will continue in 2003


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