For those looking for assistance with American cemetery preservation or restoration projects, Saving Graves highly recommends and encourages the involvement of either the Girl Scouts or  Boy Scouts of America. Their work with historic cemetery projects has proven to be invaluable.

To arrange for Boy or Girl Scout involvement in your cemetery project, you should contact your local Scouts Council, and inform them of the project you have planned and request assistance.  Let them know that the project is a possible Eagle project just waiting for the right boy or girl to tackle.

Boy Scouts

Any Eagle Scouts that may currently be working on their Eagle Service Project would be a good candidate for this type of service. Eagle projects requite a minimum involvement of 100 hours.  Once a Scout has decided to work on your project, he must  submit a written proposal to the Scout Troup Committee for verification prior to starting on the project. It is recommended that you attach an approval letter along with the Scout's proposal.

Just enter your zip code and the council contact information and website (if available) will be displayed. It can also give you the contact information for the Order of the Arrow. Among other things, the OA is a community service-oriented brotherhood of Scouts and adults.

Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts can take on a cemetery clean up project for her Gold Award.

Previous results of Scouting involvement in cemetery restoration and preservation projects have resulted in amazing results in many areas.

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