Mt. Gilead Historical Cemetery
Dahlonega, Lumpkin County, Georgia

Reported : November 11, 2003

Cemetery: Mt. Gilead Historical Cemetery

Sign: Yes
Street: Hwy 52
City: Dahlonega
County: Lumpkin
State: Georgia
lat_ns: N
long_ew: W
Status: Active
Size: Small
Directions: off Hwy 52 behind Antique stores
Type: Road-public
Location: Surburban
Terrain: Hillside
Watersource: No
Features: woods surround it
Property: Public
Access: Open
Enclosure: None
Gate: None
Gravestones: 50
Removed: No
Relocated: No
Repairs: No
Methods: Other
Restoration: Unsure
Association: Yes
Records: Yes
Inventory: Unsure
Landscaping: Unsure
Paths: Unsure
Trees: Unsure
Crypts: No
Fencing: No
Brickwork: No
Ironwork: No
Sculpture: No
Fountains: No
Roads: No
Buildings: No
Cement: Yes
Granite: Yes
Marble: Yes
Native: Yes
Slate: Yes
Others: Yes
Wood: No
Materials: Unsure
Architectural: Unsure
Angels: Unsure
Draperies: Unsure
Fraternal: No
Hands: Unsure
Lambs: Unsure
Monograms: Unsure
Plants: Unsure
Photos: No
Religious: Unsure
Scrollwork: Unsure
Urns: No
Carvings: Unsure
Condition: Cemetery vandalized
Unmarked: No
Broken: Yes
Toppled: Yes
Disintegrating: Yes
Buried: Yes
Weather: Yes
Pollution: Unknown
Vandalized: Yes
Report: No
VA1: Gravestones-Overturned
VA2: Gravestones-Broken
VA5: Graves-Desecrated
Overgrowth: None
Drainage: Problem-Seasonal
Owner: Cemetery
Use: Agricultural
Bordering: Commercial
Change: Unknown
Reason: Agriculture
Visited: Frequently
Archeology: No
Habitat: Yes
Name: Melanie McCowen
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Date: 11/11/2003




My family has taken particular interest in this cemetery and it gravestones,
especially on of Elizabeth Stringer, a fourteen year old who died in the
late 1800's. There are several wonderful examples of slot and tab
gravestones, which is what Elizabeth's is. As of recent, her grave has been
desecrated and toppled over. There is also another gravestone that has
fallen to disrepair, broken and covered by some of the earth and as of
recent has had a tree fall upon it. Please help us in having something done
to keep this cemetery beautiful and repairs done.