Mickens Road Cemetery
Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana

Date: 5 July 2000

Cemetery Name: Mickens Road Cemetery
Street: Mickens Road (1 mile from Joor Rd) on private property
City: Baton Rouge
County: East Baton Rouge
State: LA
Nation: USA
Zip: 70811
Land Type: Private
Status: Abandoned
Graves within: Uncertain
Oldest grave: uncertain, probably a slave cemetary
Records: Unsure
Inventory: No
Owner: The property is being managed by the J.R. Doiron Realty Company, P.O. Box 3213, Baton Rouge, LA 70821.
Cemetery about to be destroyed
Overgrown-ground cover
Broken Headstones
General Neglect



The cemetery is on the gated and locked private land of the Durrett family heirs of Bert and Rachel Durrett Murrah, Ann Durrett Merrill, Preston Hobgood Co, LLC, and Frank B. Preston Jr. Family Co. The property is 756.29 Acres and located between Mickens Rd on the south, Cypress Bayou on the north, Joor Rd on the east and Anna L. Jones on the west. T68R1E sec 14,15,22,42,43 &44. The cemetary is located behind locked gates, 1 mile north of Joor Rd and 100 yards east inside property.

Other Problems

Property in close proximity to development of both private and commercial.

Previous Contacts

The parish

Current Status

nothing has been or is going to be done.

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name: Cherryl Forbes Montgomery
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