Ratts Cemetery
Paragon, Ray Township, Morgan County, Indiana
Cemetery: Ratts Cemetery


Sign: no

Street: Big Hurricane Road

City: Paragon

Township: Ray

County: Morgan

State: Indiana

Nation: U.S.A.


lat_ns: N

lat_h: 392

lat_mmss: 756

long_ew: W

long_h: 086

long_mmss: 3350

Status: Abandoned

Size: Small

Directions: take St. Road 67 south out of Martinsville, turn south after crossing White River, take road off to the right Bain Road, continue on until you come to Big Hurricane Road, follow it into section 19 about 300N and not quite 800 W. It is east of Lewisville in Ashland township and a little east of Wakeland.

Type: Road-public

Location: Rural

Terrain: Level

Watersource: No

Features: weeds approximately 5 feet high completely obscure cemetery. No access into it.

Property: Public

Access: Open

Enclosure: None

Gate: None

Established: 1840

Gravestones: 41

Oldest: September 18, 1841

Newest: December 11, 1914

Removed: No

Relocated: No

Repairs: No

Methods: No

Restoration: No

Association: No

Records: Yes

Inventory: Yes

Availability: Major Abraham Morgan Chapter DAR

Landscaping: No

Paths: No

Trees: Yes

Crypts: No

Fencing: No

Brickwork: No

Ironwork: No

Sculpture: No

Fountains: No

Roads: No

Buildings: No

Cement: Yes

Granite: Yes

Marble: Yes

Native: Yes

Slate: Yes

Others: No

Wood: No

Materials: Unsure

Architectural: Unsure

Angels: Unsure

Draperies: Unsure

Fraternal: Unsure

Hands: Unsure

Lambs: Unsure

Monograms: Unsure

Plants: Unsure

Photos: Unsure

Religious: Unsure

Scrollwork: Unsure

Urns: Unsure

Carvings: Unsure

Condition: Cemetery destroyed

Unmarked: Yes

Broken: Yes

Toppled: Yes

Disintegrating: Yes

Buried: Yes

Weather: No

Pollution: No

Vandalized: No

Report: Yes



Overgrowth: Problem-Access

Overgrowth: None

GroundCover: Yes



Drainage: Good

Owner: County

Use: Agricultural

Bordering: Woods

Change: Smaller

Reason: Agricultural

Visited: Rarely

Archeology: No

Habitat: Unknown

Contacted: Nobody


Colwell, Edwards, Goss, Gray, Hancock, Knoy, Lee, Letterman, Ratts, Shuler, Stierwalt, Whitaker


It is actually unknown just what type of stones are in this cemetery as nobody can access it due to the weeds.


Cataract, IN

Submitted by:

name: Debbie Jennings

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Date: August 20, 2003