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Sample Permission Form

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When attempting to gain permission to visit, clean and/or restore a cemetery located on private property, you should always first obtain permission. To assist in this, it can be helpful to present to the property owner a written permission form that will clearly define the objectives you have in mind, responsibility for damages to the private property  (including the cemetery)  or injuries occurring while on the land.  It is advised that you should take two copies of the permission form  and have both signed by the property owner and yourself. A copy should be presented to the property owner.

Permission to Visit, Clean, and/or Restore

The undersigned land owner hereby grants permission to the following named Volunteer named below and other persons acting in a volunteer capacity under the supervision of said volunteer to cross my land in order to gain access to clean and attempt to restore the _______________________ Cemetery, located in the county of_________________, in the state of_____________ , with the understanding that such efforts may include (but are not limited to) removing all noxious and detrimental vegetation (including trimming trees), general lawn care (including lawn mowing and weeding), removing accumulated trash, probing for buried gravestones and markers,  the excavation and repair of gravestones and markers, and the straightening and resetting of gravestones and markers.

Signature of Owner

Date Signed: ______________________________
Printed Name of Owner: _____________________________________________
Location of Cemetery: _____________________________________________
Address of Owner : _____________________________________________
Phone Number of Owner : _____________________________________________
Email Address of Owner : _____________________________________________

Special Instructions to Volunteer



The volunteer named below agrees to perform the tasks set out herein to the best of his/her ability, promising to act in good faith to clean the above named cemetery, to be responsible for the acts of any persons working under the volunteers supervision, to exercise due and diligent care to prevent injury to the site or any persons, and to be responsible for any damages or injuries sustained at the site (either to the site itself or the volunteer or persons working under the supervision of the volunteer).

The volunteer named below certifies that neither he/she nor any person operating under the volunteers supervision shall remove from the location any stone, monuments, markers, artifacts, ornamentation, enclosure or other objects.

The volunteer named below further agrees that his/her efforts shall comply with the generally accepted cemetery conservation and restoration techniques as promulgated by Saving Graves, The Association for Gravestone Studies, any state or local preservation organizations and the current laws of that state as may be applicable.

Signature of Volunteer

Date Signed: ______________________________
Printed Name of Volunteer: ____________________________________________
Address of Volunteer : _____________________________________________
Phone Number of Volunteer : ___________________________________________
Email Address of Volunteer : ___________________________________________
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