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Common Latin Inscriptions

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  • ad patres - "To the fathers", dead or gone away.
  • anno aetatis suae (A.A.S.) - In the year of her/his age
  • anno Domini (A.D.) - In the year of our Lord
  • annos vixit (a.v.) - He/she lived [so many years]
  • beatae memoriae (B.M.) - Of blessed memory
  • Dei gratia - By the grace of God
  • Dei gratias - Thanks be to God
  • Deo, Optimo, Maximo (D.O.M.) - To God, the Best, the Greatest (motto of the Benedictine order)
  • Domino, Optimo, Maximo (D.O.M.) - The Lord, the Best, the Greatest.(alternate motto)
  • Gloria in Excelsis Deo - Glory be to God, the Most High
  • hic iacet or hic jacet (H.I.) - Here lies (Ancient Latin has no letter "J": the letter was added later)
  • hic iacet sepultus (H.I.S.) - Here lies buried
  • hic sepultus (H.S.) - Here is buried
  • Iesus Nazarenus, Rex Iudaeorum (I.N.R.I.) - Jesus Christ, King of the Jews
  • in hoc salus (I.H.S.) - There is safety in this.
  • in hoc signo spes mea (I.H.S.) - In this sign (the cross of Christ) is my hope
  • in hoc signos vinces (I.H.S.) - By this sign you will conquer.
  • laus Deo - Praise be to God
  • memento mori - "Remember you must die".
  • obiit (ob.) - He/she died
  • requiescat in pace (R.I.P.) - May he/she rest in peace
  • requiescant in pace (R.I.P.) - May they rest in peace
  • requiescit in pace (R.I.P.) - He/she rest in peace
  • Verbi Dei Minister (V.D.M.) - Minister of the Word of God
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