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Sweet Cemetery, Stockbridge, Calumet County, Wisconsin

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Sweet Cemetery
Stockbridge, Calumet County, Wisconsin

Date: May 16, 2001

Cemetery: Abandoned Family/ Sweet Cemetery
Established: 1850
Street: N4215 Hwy 55-Stockbridge Wisconsin/ Earl Ecker Revokeable Trust / Ecker Construction Co.
Type: Road-public
City: Stockbridge Town 3 miles south on hwy 55
Township: Stockbridge Township
County: Calumet County
State: Wisconsin
Nation: USA
Zip: 53088
Nearby: Intersection of County Road F and Hwy 55
Location: Rural-mixed
Land: Hillside
Water: Yes
Features: Cemetery is close to a small creek called Roberts Creek- surrounded and over grown with Lilac bushes
Sign: No
Land Type: Private
Access: Closed
Enclosure: Natural
Gate: None
Status: Abandoned
Size: Small
Unmarked graves: Yes
Gravestones: 6 to 10
Broken gravestones: Yes
Toppled gravestones: Yes
Buried gravestones: Unsure
Removed Gravestones: Yes
Weather problems: Yes
Pollution problems: No
Oldest grave: 1849
Newest grave: 1875
Association: No
Records: Unsure
Inventory: Unsure
Records location:
Condition: Cemetery in danger of destruction
Vandalized: Yes
Police report: No
VA: Gravestones-Overturned
VA: Gravestones-Broken
VA: Gravestones-Stolen
Overgrowth: Gravestones-Damaging
Vegetation: Trees
Vegetation: Ground-Cover
Vegetation: Moss
Vegetation: Vines
Drainage: Seasonal problem
Problem: Access denied
Problem: Apathy
Problem: Disintegrating Headstones
Work Status: Planning stages
Owner: Cemetery
Use: Industrial
Bordering: Transportation
Change: Unknown
Reason: Agriculture
Visited: Unknown
Archeology: Unknown
Contacted: I have contacted several of the old local historians - non of which know who to contact to see if we can get in there to help clean it up- or help get funding to save it.

Other Information

This poor little cemetery is closed off to the rest of the world and is soon to be forgotten if measures are not taken now to prevent it's total disappearance. It is so over grown it is not visibly a place of rest for the people who now call it their finial resting place.


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