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Coates-Durley Cemetery, Platteville, Grant County, Wisconsin

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Coates-Durley Cemetery
Platteville, Grant County, Wisconsin

Date: 19 April, 2001

Cemetery: Coates-Durley
Established: @1840
Street: County Road O
City: Platteville, Wisconsin About 5 miles away
Township: Harrison
County: Grant
State: Wisconsin
Nation: U. S. A.
Nearby: Sharp curve in County Road O
Reached by: Crossing property-private
Location: Rural-mixed
Land: Hillside
Water: No
Features: Sits on a small knoll
Sign: No
Land Type: Private
Access: Permission-required
Surrounded by: None
Gate: None
Status: Abandoned
Size: Small
Unmarked graves: Yes
Gravestones: 15-20 but no stones
Broken gravestones: Yes
Toppled gravestones: No
Buried gravestones: Yes
Removed Gravestones: Yes
Weather problems: Unknown
Pollution problems: No
Oldest grave: 1842
Newest grave: 1876
Association: No
Records: No
Inventory: Yes
Records location: In 1975 Grant Co. Genealogical Society read the stones stacked against a tree
Condition: Cemetery destroyed
Vandalized: Yes
Police report: No
VA: Broken gravestones
VA: Stolen gravestones
Vegetation: None
Drainage: Good
Problem: Encroachment
Problem: Apathy
Problem: Disintegrating Headstones
Work Status: Planning stages
Owner: Private
Use: Agricultural
Bordering: Agricultural
Change: Smaller
Reason: Agriculture
Visited: Unknown
Archeology: No
Previous contacts: County registrar of deeds, previous property owners, township clerk, Burial Sites Preservation unit and many others, including others who have relatives buried there

Other information

An extended family group is trying to get the cemetery protected and place some stones there. An exclusion was present in deed from 1920, but was inadvertently left out when the property went up for Sheriffs sale in 1936. The farm family that lived there from 1920-1990 has removed most evidence that a cemetery ever existed. All but a small plot has been put into crops, and bits of tombstone are scattered through the field or tossed aside. Nothing recognizable remains of most that were read in 1975.

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