Your submission has been received. Thank you for taking the time to submit an Endangered Cemetery Report to Saving Graves. 


Saving Graves receives several Endangered Cemetery Reports per day. While every attempt is made to process them on the day that they come in it is not always possible to achieve this goal. 

Please allow up to three (3) days for processing of your submitted report. We recommend that you check back after three days to verify that your listing has been added and that the information  is correct.

Once the report has been processed and placed on line, Saving Graves will begin to make contacts by way of a form letter to parties found in our database that may have a interest in the situation, or be in a position to assist. These parties might include, State, County or local government officials (both elected and appointed), historical  and genealogical groups as well as law enforcement. The letter will direct them to the URL for your specific report and directly to you for additional information on the current status of the cemetery. Please note that Saving Graves is not in a position to come out and clean up the cemetery you have submitted as an Endangered Cemetery.

Thank you for your understanding and support.


One of the most vital things that you can do at this point is to make sure that the records of who is buried in this cemetery are preserved for future generations. To assist you in this step, Saving Graves is ready to assist you in getting this information on the web and accessible by thousands of visitors daily.  For information on how to submit your cemetery date, please contact me.