Seward - Norman Cemetery
Mascot, King & Queen County, Virginia

Cemetery Name: SEWARD- NORMAN FAMILY Cemetery
Street: Irish Road
City: Mascot
County: King & Queen
State: Virginia
Zip: 23156
Land Type: Private
Status: Inactive
Number of graves: 15-20
Oldest grave: 1700
Records: Don't Know
Inventory: No
Owner: Gladys Seward- seems to be only person that remains to take care of it.


Mascot, King & Queen County, Virginia


On Irish Road beside Seward home place( within 1/2 mile. Now on a road marked TV. Previously owned by John Cornealius Seward and Thomas Cornealius Seward, his father. Cemetery is at the top of a hill with many graves within. Family records have been kept.


Needs cleaning. Needs small trees removed. Needs to be marked off. Owners of land surrounded it has let it grow up. Someone has removed most of grave markers.

Previous Contacts

No one outside of a few in the family that care about the old site. Most of family unaware of old grave site location.

Current Status

Not good

Submitted By / Contact for additional Information

name: Seward
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