Round Valley Cemetery
Laketown, Rich County, Utah

Date: 6-30-00

Cemetery Name: Round Valley
Street: none
City: Laketown
County: Rich
State: Utah
Nation: USA
Zip: 84038
Land Type: Private
Status: Active
Number of graves: 50-60
Oldest grave: approx 1880
Records: Don't Know
Inventory: Don't Know
Owner: Mona Kearl
Cemetery Destroyed
Cemetery about to be destroyed
Overgrown-ground cover
Broken Headstones
Disintegrating Headstones
Fallen Headstones
General Neglect



Located approx 3-4 miles west of Laketown a short distance off main road. Surrounded by a pole fence which has been moved in from original location. Overgrown by weeds and shrubs. Headstones are broken and garbage lying about.

Other Problems

Land owner refuses general upkeep, such as trimming back overgrowth, new protective fence (chain link), etc.

Previous Contacts

Other family members. I personally have not talked to land owner but my family members have, also contacted County commissioners and cemetery committee. Land owner wants nothing done and cemetery is disappearing from neglect.

Current Status

Because of resistance by land owner, nothing is being done. I would like to see cemetery kept up. I believe there are tax dollars collected toward care of this cemetery, but land owner is very resistant. All the cemeteries in this area have a chain link fence around them and this cemetery has a falling down pole fence. I don't expect the land owner to do anything except allow us to access cemetery and do up keep

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name: Chris Webb
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