Waterhouse Cemetery
Spring City, Rhea County, Tennessee

Date: September 25, 2000

Cemetery: Waterhouse/Brady Cemetery
Street: Cemetery Road
City: Spring City
County: Rhea
State: Tennessee
Nation: USA
Zip: 37381
Nearby: About 1 mile South of Spring City, across a field (about 600 feet) from Cemetery Road.
Land Type: Private
Status: Inactive
Accessible: No
Unmarked graves: Yes
Graves within: 50-70
Oldest grave: 1826
Newest grave: 1941
Records: Unsure
Inventory: Yes
Records location: The WPA inventoried it in the 1930's, the Rhea Historical Society inventoried it in 1997. These inventories are included in a book they published on Rhea cemeteries and can be found in the Dayton Library.
Owner: Edna Clack Sachs is heading up the group bringing suit. The property is owned by Robert Thurman and Betty Purser Thurman. Their mother, Pearl, has a life estate on the property.
Condition: Cemetery in danger of destruction
Broken Headstones
Buried Headstones
Fallen Headstones
Removed Headstones
Other problems: The owner has gone on the property and removed the old fence, cut trees, uprooted stumps, removed old stones, and generally getting it ready to turn in to pasture.
Previous contacts: No one other than the owners, then hired an attorney, now just sitting back waiting for the owner to destroy what little is left over there.
Work Status: Work underway - No noticeable improvements as of yet

Submitted by / Contact for additional Information:

name: Edna Clack Sachs
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.