Slatery Family Cemetery
Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee

Cemetery: Slatery Family Burying ground, Rogers Road,just off Tipton Station Rd. Knox Co., TN
Other: On property owned of Capt. Alexander P. Slatery, all 16 gravestones stolen.
Sign: No
Street: Rogers Road (by the barn - fence falling down)- South Knoxville
City: Knoxville, Tennessee near county line.
Township: Knoxville/ Neuberts
County: Knox
State: Tennessee
Nation: USA
lat_ns: N
long_ew: W
Status: Abandoned
Size: Medium
Directions: Chapman Highway s. to Tipton Station Road, sw to Rogers Rd. left on Rogers
Type: Road-public
Location: Rural
Terrain: Level
Watersource: No
Features: barn on one side, woods on the other. Woods dense from cemetery to old former W.T Slatery farm at end of road
Property: Private
Access: Permission-required
Enclosure: Fence-Broken
Gate: None
Established: pre 1823; land settled pre 1794.
Gravestones: Anna & Patrick Slatery, 2 sisters, 2 babies + 10 others probably John & Jane Hendron Slatery and perhaps the thomas Slatery family.
Oldest: This land was Slatery Mountain (see TVA Shooks Gap Quad. map, 1950s). 1st unknown but colonial settler Patrick Slatery was bur. there in 1823.
Newest: Last according to photos taken by Slatery family: 1923
Removed: Yes
Relocated: No
Repairs: No
Methods: Adhesives
Restoration: No
Association: No
Records: Unsure
Inventory: Unsure
Landscaping: No
Paths: Yes
Trees: No
Crypts: No
Fencing: No
Brickwork: No
Ironwork: No
Sculpture: No
Fountains: No
Roads: No
Buildings: No
Cement: No
Granite: Yes
Marble: Yes
Native: Yes
Slate: No
Others: No
Wood: No
Materials: No
Architectural: No
Angels: No
Draperies: No
Fraternal: No
Hands: No
Lambs: No
Monograms: Unsure
Plants: Unsure
Photos: No
Religious: No
Scrollwork: Unsure
Urns: No
Carvings: Unsure
Condition: Cemetery vandalized
Unmarked: Unsure
Broken: No
Toppled: No
Disintegrating: No
Buried: No
Weather: No
Pollution: No
Vandalized: Yes
Report: No
VA3: Gravestones-Stolen
Overgrowth: None
GroundCover: Yes
Drainage: Good
Problem1: Encroachment
Problem2: Apathy
Owner: Private
Use: Residential
Bordering: Woods
Change: Same
Reason: Roads
Visited: Rarely
Archeology: No
Habitat: Yes
Contacted: East TN Historical Society, Knox County Buriel Commissioner, Knox Co. Law Director Maner, Historic Preservation Specialist S. Rogers,Knox Cemetery Expert Robert McGinnis

Surnames: Coppock, Hendron, Kennedy, Slatery


I have photos from 1823. Returned in 1999 to record grave markers but they were gone. Believe markers were stolen in order to sell property in its entirety, hiding the fact that there is a burying ground there. Photos from both years show same fence in same location near back of the barn next to woods.


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Name: Barbara Martha Slatery Erickson (name used: Martha)
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Date: June 12, 2003