Date: 22 Jan 2001

Cemetery: Wingville Cemetery (aka Pine Creek)
Street: Wingville Lane & Wingville Cemetery Road
City: about 10 miles northwest of Baker City
County: Baker
State: Oregon
Nation: USA
Nearby: Wingville Lane
Land Type: Private
Status: Abandoned
Accessible: Yes
Unmarked graves: Yes
Graves within: over 135
Oldest grave: formally 1878 but suspected earlier burials, some are Civil War veterans
Newest grave: 1962
Records: Yes
Inventory: Yes
Records location:

- this is most complete listing
Owner: unknown, not located
Condition: Cemetery neglected
Overgrown-ground cover
Broken Headstones
Buried Headstones
Disintegrating Headstones
Fallen Headstones
Previous contacts: editor of local newspaper, Record Courier
Work Status: No work started as of yet

Submitted by / Contact for additional Information:

name: W David Samuelsen
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.