Date: June 5, 2001

Cemetery: Laurel Hill Cemetery
Established: 1852
Street: Located off South 5th Street in Springfield, Oregon
Type: Road-public
City: Springfield and Eugene, Oregon
County: Lane County
State: Oregon
Nation: USA
Zip: 97477
Nearby: University of Oregon
Location: Rural-mixed
Land: Hillside
Features: Laurel trees, Douglas firs, big leaf maple, incense cedar and wester white oak trees
Sign: Yes
Land Type: Public
Access: Permission-required
Enclosure: Wall
Gate: Locks
Status: Active
Size: Medium
Gravestones: 2000+
Oldest: 1852
Newest: Still used
Unmarked: Yes
Broken: Yes
Toppled: Yes
Buried: Yes
Removed: Yes
Weather problems: Yes
Pollution problems: Yes
Association: Yes
Records: Unsure
Inventory: Unsure
Records location: Anyone with information - please help!
Condition: Cemetery neglected
Vandalized: Yes
Police report:
VA: Gravestones-Overturned
VA: Gravestones-Broken
VA: Gravestones-Stolen
VA: Graffiti
VA: Graves-Desecrated
Overgrowth: Gravestones-Damaging
Vegetation: Trees
Vegetation: Ground-Cover
Vegetation: Moss
Vegetation: Vines
Drainage: Seasonal problem
Problem: Encroachment
Problem: Restricted access
Problem: Access denied
Problem: Apathy
Problem: Disintegrating Headstones
Work Status: No work started as of yet
Owner: Cemetery
Bordering: Woods
Change: Unknown
Visited: Rarely
Archeology: Unknown
Contacted: Jeanne Robinson, Executive Director  Oregon Historic Cemeteries Association, Inc.

Other Information

This historic cemetery is located on the old Thomas Judkins land claim. It was later deeded to the Springfield Internation Order of Odd Fellows Lodge #70. Noted burials include: The Briggs Family, founders of Springfield, Oregon - Albert Walker, First Mayor of Springfield, Charnel Mulligan, a co-founder of Eugene, Oregon. This cemetery has served as the resting place for both Eugene and Springfield's indigent population. The cemetery is in very bad condition back in the older sections and the "Pauper Field". If you hike back into the overgrown areas, the graves are sunken and headstones are missing. This cemetery is overseen by the IOOF, a fast-dying organization with the average age of member past 70. This historic cemetery needs help! The last major clean-up was in 1973 by the City of Springfield to honor pioneer families. Please contact me with any information on this cemetery.


Ken Guzowski, Eugene Planning Department 99 W. 10th Ave. Eugene, OR 97401

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name: Sonja Bunn
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