Cemetery:       Freeman Family cemetery
Other:          John Freeman's Donation Land Claim
Sign:           No
Street:         4 3/4 miles west of Winston and 1/4 mile north of highway42 on property of Stuzman.  About 3/4 miles west of Richards Cemetery, 36X72
City:           Winston
County:         Douglas
State:          Oregon
Nation:         USA
lat_ns:         N
long_ew:        W
Status:         Abandoned
Size:           Small
Directions:     Located on the Freeman Donation Land Claim on a steep knoll about 4-3/4 miles west of Winston and 1/4 mile north of highway 42, on property owned by a family named Stuzman. This cemetery is about 3/4 miles from the Richards Cemetery and measures 36 by 72' and contains 6 gravestones, plus some small unmarked slabs
Type:           Road-public
Location:       Rural
Terrain:        Hillside
Watersource:    No
Features:       In an unfenced pasture with cows roaming around
Property:       Private
Access:         Permission-required
Enclosure:      None
Gate:           Locks
Established:    About 1864
Gravestones:    7 early + unmarked ones and 2 new gravemarkers
Oldest:         19 July 1864
Newest:         1901 Other gravemarkes of the current owner have also been place on the gravesite.
Removed:        Unknown
Relocated:      No
Repairs:        No
Methods:        Adhesives
Restoration:    No
Association:    No
Records:        No
Inventory:      No
Landscaping:    Yes
Paths:          Yes
Trees:          Yes4
Crypts:         No
Fencing:        No
Brickwork:      No
Ironwork:       No
Sculpture:      No
Fountains:      No
Roads:          No
Buildings:      No
Cement:         Unsure
Granite:        Yes
Marble:         Unsure
Native:         Unsure
Slate:          Unsure
Others:         Unsure
Wood:           Unsure
Materials:      Unsure
Architectural:  Yes
Angels:         Yes
Draperies:      Unsure
Fraternal:      Unsure
Hands:          Yes
Lambs:          Unsure
Monograms:      Unsure
Plants:         Yes
Photos:         No
Religious:      Unsure
Scrollwork:     Yes
Urns:           Unsure
Carvings:       Yes
Condition:      Cemetery poorly maintained
Unmarked:       Yes
Broken:         Yes
Toppled:        Yes
Disintegrating: Yes
Buried:         Yes
Weather:        Yes
Pollution:      Yes
Vandalized:     No
Report:         Yes
Overgrowth2:    Graves-Disturbing
Overgrowth3:    Gravestones-Disturbing
Overgrowth4:    Gravestones-Damaging
GroundCover:    Yes
Moss:           Yes
Vines:          Yes
Drainage:       Good
Problem2:       Apathy
Owner:          Private
Use:            Agricultural
Bordering:      Agricultural
Change:         Unknown
Reason:         Roads
Visited:        Rarely
Archeology:     No
Habitat:        Yes
Contacted:      Just Douglas County


Freeman Highly b. Mar 1806 died Mar 1889,   Freeman Hezekiah died July 19, 1864 age 17 yrs,  Garrison Elizabeth b. Feb 25 1832 died 19 Mar 1901,   Freeman John born 3 June 1808 died Mar 19, 1894,  Howard Emma b. Feb 20 1868 died Jan 20 1888,   McCulloch infant died May 8, 1868 ,  Simpson Van Buren K.died May 7, 1866 aged 8 yrs,  In additon 2 new gravemarkers have been placed up the hill and a little south by Ethel Stutzman they are:   Stutzman Maynard M.Nov 30 1916- April 9 1988   Tinkham Fred M 1887- 1978.


the owners refuse to protect this cemetery we even offered to buy it but they were not interested.


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