Vernon Hall Cemetery - Kingston, Lenoir County, North Carolina

Date: July 9, 2000

Cemetery Name: Vernon Hall Cemetery
Street: Heritage Street
City: Kinston
County: Lenoir
State: North Carolina
Zip: 28501
Land Type: Private
Status: Abandoned
Graves within: unknown at least 20
Oldest grave: early 1750s
Records: Unsure
Inventory: No
Owner: Unknown at this time

Cemetery about to be destroyed
Property Encroachment
Overgrown-ground cover
Broken Headstones
Buried Headstones
Disintegrating Headstones
Fallen Headstones
General Neglect
Records location

Cemetery description

This is the final resting place of family members for the first Governor of North Carolina Richard Caswell as well as from the family of Pres. George Washington's brother. It is now covered over in weeds, trees, bamboo and even pavement. The brick wall surrounding the elder Caswell's is all but broken and crumbled, tombstones falling over or missing. The present Governor of NC has been updated on this situation as have other government officials, but no one has responded. They have allowed a parking lot to be placed over the front portion of the cemetery and the rest to go to nature. Appalling is the best I can say about it.

Other Problems

Now that we have made the public aware of this cemetery I am afraid of vandalism as this cemetery could also be the final resting place for the Governor himself.

Previous Contacts

Governor Hunt, every state politician for North Carolina and even the White House. Several newspapers.

Current Status

We are trying to find the legal owners of the property to see what can be done about returning it to the rightful owners, the descendants of Governor Richard Caswell, as he left the cemetery to his heirs and family forever.

Submitted by / Contact for additional Information:

name: Susan M Burgess-Hoffman
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.