Staten Island Cemetery
Staten Island, Richmond County, New York

Click Here for some photos of damaged tombstones by vandals.


Cemetery: Staten Island Cemetery
Sign: No
Street: Richmond Terrace between Alaska Street and Tompkins Court
City: Staten Island
County: Richmond
State: New York
Nation: United States
Status: Abandoned
Size: Medium
Type: Road-public
Location: Urban-developed
Terrain: Level
Watersource: No
Features: trees, vines, ivy
Land Type: Public
Access: Open
Enclosure: Fence-Broken
Gate: None
Established: 1851
Gravestones: 200
Oldest: 1851
Newest: 1968
Removed: Unknown
Relocated: No
Repairs: No
Restoration: Yes
Association: Yes
Records: Yes
Inventory: Unsure
Records location:
Landscaping: Unsure
Paths: Yes
Trees: Unsure
Crypts: No
Fencing: No
Walkways: No
Brickwork: No
Ironwork: No
Sculpture: Yes
Fountains: No
Roads: No
Buildings: No
Cement: Unsure
Granite: Yes
Marble: Unsure
Native Stone: Unsure
Slate: Unsure
Other Stone: Unsure
Wood: Unsure
Materials: Yes
Architectural: Yes
Angels: Yes
Draperies: Unsure
Fraternal: Yes
Hands: Yes
Lambs: Unsure
Monograms: Yes
Plants: Yes
Photos: No
Religious: Yes
Scrollwork: Yes
Urns: Yes
Other Carvings: Yes
Condition: Cemetery neglected
Unmarked: Yes
Broken: Yes
Toppled: Yes
Disintegrating: Yes
Buried: Yes
Weather problems: Yes
Pollution problems: Yes
Vandalized: Yes
Police report: No
VA: Gravestones-Overturned
VA: Gravestones-Broken
VA: Graffiti
Overgrowth: Graves-Disturbing
Overgrowth: Gravestones-Disturbing
Overgrowth: Gravestones-Damaging
Vegetation: Trees
Vegetation: Ground-Cover
Vegetation: Moss
Vegetation: Vines
Drainage: Problem-Seasonal
Problem: Apathy
Owner: Regional government
Bordering: Residential
Change: Unknown
Visited: Unknown
Archeology: Unknown
Habitat: Unknown

This cemetery urgently needs trees to be removed and vegetation cut back. Once that is done regular maintenance is needed. Then stones can be repaired.

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