Unnamed Cemetery
Bloomsbury, Hunterdon County, New Jersey

Date: 02/10/2001

Cemetery: local cemetery
Established: N/A
Street: Rt. 579 next to the old school at the top of Bloomsbury Mountain
Type: N/A

City: Bloomsbury
Township: Probably Bethlehem
County: Hunterdon
State: New Jersey
Nation: USA
Zip: N/A

Nearby: Heading S. before Goritz Road on the opposite side of the road
Location: N/A
Land: N/A
Watersource: N/A
Features: N/A
Sign: N/A
Land Type: Private
Access: Open
Enclosure: N/A
Gate: N/A

Status: Inactive
Size: N/A
Gravestones: maybe 50
Oldest: Unknown
Newest: Unknown
Unmarked: No
Broken: N/A
Toppled: N/A
Buried: Unsure
Removed: N/A
Weather problems: N/A
Pollution problems: N/A

Association: N/A
Records: Unsure
Inventory: Unsure
Records location: N/A

Condition: Cemetery destroyed; Apathy
Vandalized: N/A
Overgrowth: N/A
Vegetation: N/A
Drainage: N/A
Restoration: Work underway - No noticeable improvements as of yet

Owner: N/A
Use: N/A
Bordering: N/A
Change: N/A
Reason: N/A
Visited: N/A
Archeology: N/A
Contacted: A builder is constructing new houses on the site of this graveyard. Nothing being salvaged.
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Name: Linda Muessig
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