Cemetery: Dudley Chapel Cemetary
Sign: No
Street: 5th Ave
City: Lumberton
Township: Big Quarters
County: Lamar
State: Ms
Nation: United States
Zip: 39455
Status: Abandoned
Size: Large
Type: Road-public
Location: Urban
Terrain: Level
Watersource: No
Features: Nothing
Property: Public
Access: Open
Enclosure: None
Gate: None
Established: 1900
Gravestones: 60
Oldest: All headstones were moved
Newest: NA
Removed: Yes
Relocated: No
Repairs: No
Methods: Other
Association: No
Records: Unsure
Inventory: No
Landscaping: No
Paths: No
Trees: No
Crypts: No
Fencing: No
Brickwork: No
Ironwork: No
Sculpture: No
Fountains: No
Roads: No
Buildings: No
Cement: No
Granite: No
Marble: No
Native: No
Slate: No
Others: No
Wood: No
Materials: No
Architectural: No
Angels: No
Draperies: No
Fraternal: No
Hands: No
Lambs: No
Monograms: No
Plants: No
Photos: No
Religious: No
Scrollwork: No
Urns: No
Carvings: No
Condition: Cemetery destroyed
Unmarked: No
Broken: No
Toppled: No
Disintegrating: No
Buried: No
Weather: No
Vandalized: Yes
Report: No
Overgrowth: None
Drainage: Good
Owner: City
Use: Parking
Bordering: Recreational
Change: Unknown
Archeology: No
Habitat: No
Surnames: Dudley, Sandifer the rest are unknown
Other_Information: The cemetery was for Dudley Chapel members first organized by Dave Dudley back in the early 1900\\\'s. The Church burned and was re-established on 6th Ave in the same community in 1920-30. However the graves remained there on the lot. Hurricane Camille August 1969 hit the are hard later destroying the grave site. The city of Lumberton cleaned the the area, with heavy equipment removing the stones but leaving the graves there. The area is clean, and no idea that it\\\'s still a grave site. My great-great grandparents are buried there. I have contacted the court house for the area and the grave site isn\\\'t listed. I am reaching out with hopes that someone can help me fix whatever I can.
Contacted: City Officials
Name: Montoya Ball
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Date: 1/23/2012