Wagers-Campbell Cemetery
Irvine, Estill County, Kentucky

Date: 7 April 2001

Cemetery: Wagers-Campbell Cemetery
Established: Early to mid-1800s
Street: On Christine Newton Farm (398 Wisemantown Rd., Irvine, KY) on hill behind house.
City: Irvine
County: Estill
State: Kentucky
Nation: U.S.
Nearby: Farm silos to right of Ms. Newton's house.
Reached by: Crossing property-private
Location: Rural-woods
Land: Flat
Water: No
Features: On flatland at the top of a steep hill; thick brush and ivy.
Sign: No
Land Type: Private
Access: Permission-required
Surrounded by: None
Gate: None
Status: Abandoned
Size: Medium
Unmarked graves: No
Gravestones: 50
Broken gravestones: Yes
Toppled gravestones: Yes
Buried gravestones: Yes
Removed Gravestones: Unknown
Weather problems: Yes
Pollution problems: No
Oldest grave: 1862 or earlier.
Newest grave: 1884
Association: Unsure
Records: Yes
Inventory: Yes
Records location: Estill County Historical Society (Diane Rogers)
Condition: Cemetery neglected
Vandalized: No
Vegetation: Disturbing gravestones
Vegetation_problem1: Trees
Vegetation_problem2: Overgrown-ground cover
Vegetation_problem3: Moss
Vegetation_problem4: Overgrown-vines
Drainage: Seasonal problem
Problem: Encroachment
Problem: Apathy
Work Status: No work started as of yet
Owner: Cemetery
Bordering: Residential
Change: Same
Reason: Agriculture
Visited: Occasionally
Archeology: Unknown
Previous contacts: Christine Newton

Other information

Stones are surrounded by thick vegetation and trees and some graves are sunken.

Support Contacts

Estill county Historical Society in Irvine, KY.

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name: William D. Park
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