McIntosh Cemetery
Crescent, Pottawattamie County, Iowa

Cemetery: McIntosh Cemetery
Sign: No
Street: Private
City: 3.9 miles northwest of Crescent IA
Township: Crescent
County: Pottawattamie
State: Iowa
Nation: USA
Status: Inactive
Size: Medium
Directions: From Crescent Hwy 183 north to Ski Hill Loop. Take Ski Hill Loop west & north approx. 1.9 miles to entrance to a field. Go through the gate to the top of the hill.
Type: Road-public
Location: Rural-mixed
Terrain: Hillside
Watersource: No
Features: Trees, bush and weeds.
Land Type: Private
Access: Open
Enclosure: Fence-Broken
Established: 1874 - 1 & 1/2 acres
Gravestones: approximately 100
Oldest: Nancy P McIntosh 7 Feb 1874
Newest: circa 1980
Removed: Unknown
Relocated: No
Repairs: No
Restoration: No
Association: Unsure
Records: Unsure
Inventory: Unsure
Records location:
Landscaping: No
Paths: No
Trees: Yes
Crypts: No
Fencing: No
Walkways: No
Brickwork: No
Ironwork: No
Sculpture: No
Fountains: No
Roads: No
Buildings: No
Cement: Unsure
Granite: Yes
Marble: Unsure
Native Stone: Unsure
Slate: Yes
Other Stone: Yes
Wood: No
Materials: No
Architectural: Unsure
Angels: Unsure
Draperies: Unsure
Fraternal: Unsure
Hands: Unsure
Lambs: Unsure
Monograms: Unsure
Plants: Unsure
Photos: Unsure
Religious: Unsure
Scrollwork: Unsure
Urns: No
Other Carvings: Yes
Condition: Cemetery in danger of destruction
Unmarked: Unsure
Broken: Yes
Toppled: Yes
Disintegrating: Yes
Buried: Yes
Weather problems: Unknown
Pollution problems: No
Vandalized: Yes
Police report:
VA: Gravestones-Overturned
VA: Gravestones-Broken
VA: Graves-Desecrated
Overgrowth: Graves-Disturbing
Overgrowth: Gravestones-Disturbing
Overgrowth: Gravestones-Damaging
Vegetation: Trees
Vegetation: Ground-Cover
Vegetation: Vines
Drainage: Good
Problem: Apathy
Owner: Unknown
Bordering: Woods
Change: Same
Visited: Unknown
Archeology: Unknown
Habitat: Unknown
Contacted: No contact

McIntosh and many other surnames
Other Information

Last year the Department of Natural Resources burned off this area including the cemetery. Tombstones were covered with burn areas, soot and some tombstones exploded to jigsaw pieces from the moisture in them when it was burned off. Deplorable condition. Cemetery includes Civil War Vet and other War Vet graves.

None known.

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