Lohr Cemetery
Osage, Mitchell County, Iowa

Cemetery: Lohr Cemetery


Sign: No

Street: Approx 800 Ft south of 317th St and approx 1/4 mile W of Kirkwood

City: From Osage, Ia approx 6 miles SW

Township: East Cedar

County: Mitchell

State: Iowa

Nation: U.S.A.

Zip: 50461

Status: Abandoned

Size: Small

Directions: From Osage, trave south on Lancer (7th St) - turn west on 320th St to Kirkwood - Turn south on Kirkwood to 317th St. Travel west until the road curves, at this point there is a farm on the south side of the road, turn in to farm and drive past Silo follow road through stream just before your reach the crest of the hill, the burials are on the west side of the road under a wind fall of trees. At this time the only evindence of a cemetery is the crumpled fence. Ask for permission to travel the road after 317th St. as this is private property and it's recommend a high center vehicle be used.

Type: Road-private

Location: Rural

Terrain: Hillside

Watersource: No

Features: Wooded, on a hill side

Property: Private

Access: Permission-required

Enclosure: Fence-Broken

Gate: None

Established: Unknown at this time

Gravestones: 6 to 10

Oldest: Unknown at this time

Newest: Unknown at this time

Removed: Unknown

Relocated: Unsure

Repairs: No

Methods: Adhesives

Restoration: Yes

Association: No

Records: No

Inventory: No


Landscaping: No

Paths: No

Trees: Yes4

Crypts: No

Fencing: No

Brickwork: No

Ironwork: No

Sculpture: No

Fountains: No

Roads: No

Buildings: No

Cement: Yes

Granite: No

Marble: No

Native: No

Slate: No

Others: No

Wood: No

Materials: No

Architectural: Unsure

Angels: Unsure

Draperies: Unsure

Fraternal: Unsure

Hands: Unsure

Lambs: Unsure

Monograms: Unsure

Plants: Unsure

Photos: Unsure

Religious: Unsure

Scrollwork: Unsure

Urns: Unsure

Carvings: Unsure

Condition: Cemetery in danger of destruction

Unmarked: Yes

Broken: Yes

Toppled: Yes

Disintegrating: Yes

Buried: Unsure

Weather: Yes

Pollution: Unknown

Vandalized: No

Report: Yes










Overgrowth4: Gravestones-Damaging

GroundCover: Yes

Moss: Yes


Drainage: Problem-Seasonal

Problem1: Encroachment

Problem2: Apathy

Owner: Cemetery

Use: Agricultural

Bordering: Agricultural

Change: Smaller

Reason: Agriculture

Visited: Rarely

Archeology: Unknown

Habitat: Yes





Trees have been pushed over on top of the old Pioneer Cemetery. Extensive removal of these fallen trees will have to take place just to see what's under them This Cemetery is in terrible condition, almost lost forever.


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Date: 12/14/02