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Granville Cemetery, Niles Township, Delaware County, Indiana

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Granville Cemetery
Niles Township, Delaware County, Indiana
Cemetery: Granville Cemetery


Sign: no



Township: Niles

County: Delaware

State: Indiana

Nation: U.S.A.


lat_ns: N



long_ew: W



Status: Abandoned

Size: Small

Directions: Travel Indiana State road 3, North to CR 900 North, East to CR 275 East, travel south through the town of Granville, road curves to the south, travel East to the bridge. Cemetery is southwest from bridge and west of the Mississenawa river. There is a grassy lane which leads back to the cemetery on a hill.

Type: Road-public

Location: Rural

Terrain: Hillside

Watersource: Yes

Features: Trees, Bushes

Property: Private

Access: Open

Enclosure: Fence-Broken

Gate: Locks


Gravestones: 75-100

Oldest: Unsure, some in early 1840's

Newest: Unsure

Removed: Yes

Relocated: No

Repairs: Yes

Methods: Adhesives

Restoration: Unsure

Association: No

Records: Yes

Inventory: Unsure


Landscaping: Yes

Paths: Yes

Trees: Yes3

Crypts: No

Fencing: No

Brickwork: No

Ironwork: No

Sculpture: No

Fountains: No

Roads: No

Buildings: No

Cement: Unsure

Granite: Yes

Marble: Yes

Native: Unsure

Slate: Yes

Others: Yes

Wood: Unsure

Materials: Yes

Architectural: Unsure

Angels: Yes

Draperies: Unsure

Fraternal: Yes

Hands: Yes

Lambs: Yes

Monograms: Yes

Plants: Unsure

Photos: Unsure

Religious: Yes

Scrollwork: Yes

Urns: Unsure

Carvings: Yes

Condition: Cemetery in danger of destruction

Unmarked: Yes

Broken: Yes

Toppled: Yes

Disintegrating: Yes

Buried: Yes

Weather: Yes

Pollution: No

Vandalized: Yes

Report: No

VA: Gravestones-Overturned

VA: Gravestones-Broken

Overgrowth: None





Drainage: Good

Problem: Apathy

Owner: Township

Use: Agricultural

Bordering: Agricultural

Change: Same

Reason: Roads

Visited: Unknown

Archeology: Unknown

Habitat: Unknown

Contacted: Niles township trustee, Dorothy Smoot, Mark Davis - Stone Saver cemetery restoration


Battreall,Dudelston, Green, Sloniker


I have been told that several years ago a farmer let his cattle into the cemetery to graze, and that most of the damage was done by the cattle. Also there has been some vandalism, markers thrown over the fence into the surrounding fields. Several markers overturned and broken up. The trustee let the men who mow the cemetery attempt to restore some of the markers. They have no knowledge on restoration, they used sylicone caulk, concrete, and metal bars to try and fix the markers and have caused more damage. There are several pioneers to Niles township, and Civil War and War of 1812 veterans buried in this cemetery, whose markers have been destroyed or vandalized. The trustee said she didn't have the money to do anything, and that was the best she could do. She didn't act very interested in the welfare of the cemetery.


Gina Richardson - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (I am wanting to get a group together to do a workshop in this cemetery)

Dorothy Smoot- Niles Township Trustee

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name: Chris & Gina Richardson

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Date: August 26, 2003

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