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Clearspring Cemetery, Clearspring, Jackson County, Indiana

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Clearspring Cemetery
Clearspring, Jackson County, Indiana
Cemetery: Clearspring Cemetery


Sign: Yes

Street: Clearspring

City: Clearspring


County: Jackson

State: Indiana

Nation: USA

Zip: 47264

Status: Active

Size: Small

Directions: west of Brownstown Indiana on hwy. 50

Type: Road-public

Location: Rural

Terrain: Level

Watersource: No

Features: church

Property: Private

Access: Open

Enclosure: Fence-Broken

Gate: Non-locking





Removed: Unknown

Relocated: No

Repairs: Yes

Methods: Adhesives

Restoration: Yes

Association: Yes

Records: Yes

Inventory: Yes

Availability: jackson co historical society

Landscaping: Yes

Paths: Yes

Trees: No

Crypts: No

Fencing: No

Brickwork: No

Ironwork: No

Sculpture: No

Fountains: No

Roads: No

Buildings: No

Cement: Yes

Granite: Yes

Marble: Yes

Native: Unsure

Slate: Unsure

Others: Unsure

Wood: Unsure

Materials: Unsure

Architectural: Unsure

Angels: Unsure

Draperies: Unsure

Fraternal: Unsure

Hands: Unsure

Lambs: Unsure

Monograms: Unsure

Plants: Unsure

Photos: Unsure

Religious: Unsure

Scrollwork: Unsure

Urns: Unsure

Carvings: Unsure

Condition: Cemetery in danger of destruction

Unmarked: No

Broken: No

Toppled: No

Disintegrating: No

Buried: Yes

Weather: Yes

Pollution: No

Vandalized: Yes

Report: No

VA: Graves-Desecrated

Overgrowth: None

Drainage: Good

Owner: Cemetery

Use: Agricultural

Bordering: Religous

Change: Larger

Reason: Roads

Visited: Frequently

Archeology: Yes

Habitat: Yes





my infant sister is buried in said cemetery as well as my great grandmother. a family plot was bought with 6 graves at the time that fritz was buried there and my sister and gr. grandmother was buried by him. my sister had only a small stone which went missing long ago, my two sisters and i wanted to put a stone on my sisters grave but when we went to the grave yard other people are buried recently in the spot of both said graves. we tried to contact the person in charge of the graveyard as it is a active graveyard and even been expanded but no one would talk to us. not the city, county or even the historical society nor would any one let out who was in charge of it. we was actually told that no one was in charge. how can that be if it has been expanded and people being still buried there? isnt that regulated by someone? it has been nearly 3 years since we found this out and getting nowhere with no one we have pretty much given up. however it causes me distress to know that someone can desecrate a grave in this way and try to ignore you. i would at least like to know what happened to my sisters bones. did they leave them, etc. if any one can help me with this it would be greatly appreciated. even the grave diggers wont talk to us.


city and county and historical society

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